Famous Migration Law Clinic cases

Since 2013, the Migration Law Clinic has worked on a number of ‘famous’ cases before the CJEU. Here, we highlight a selection of these cases:

2021: E.K.: Non-temporary nature of Chavez-Vilchez Right of Residence
2020: Landespolizeidirektion Steiermark: Legality of Reintroduction of Internal Border Controls
2018: Vethanayagam: Effective Remedies in Visa Cases
2017: E.: Evidence in Eritrean Family Reunification Cases
2017: A. and S.: The Right to Family Reunification of Unaccompanied Minors who Reached Majority during the Asylum Procedure
2015: Chavez-Vilchez: A Right to Residence for the Caring Parent of a Union Citizen-Child
2014: K. and A: Proportionality of Integration Requirements (from abroad)