How to apply

Master student or exchange student and interested in migration law?

The Migration Law Clinic is looking for talented students who are interested to participate in the Clinic starting from October 2022.

The Clinic is open to master students in law or criminology and exchange students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and other universities in the Netherlands.

Master students of the VU specialisation International Migration and Refugee Law will have preference over other students.

Students are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Motivation to participate in the Clinic;
  • Interest in or affinity with migration law and/or European law / human rights, which should be demonstrated by elective courses or ancillary activities. Knowledge of migration law is an advantage, but not necessary;
  • Good study results demonstrated by a list of grades;
  • Good writing and research skills which should be demonstrated by papers/assignments/thesis; and
  • Good English reading and writing skills demonstrated by papers/assignments/thesis written in English and/or the application letter.
  • Whether the Clinic fits into the curriculum;
  • Availability on Tuesday afternoons and during at least one semester: availability during two semesters is an asset;

To apply, students need to send a letter stating their motivation, CV, list of grades and a written paper, assignment or article in English to the course coordinator, Marcelle Reneman ( before 12 September 2022.

If you do not have a written paper, assignment or article in English, you can write a comment to a judgment of the ECtHR or CJEU about migration law of your choice (max 1-2 pages).