Master track International Migration and Refugee Law

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has a master track in International Migration and Refugee Law. This track is unique as it is taught by leading academics in the field, and is embedded in the Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law, one of the largest specialised research groups in migration law worldwide. Each year, the master track attracts a relatively small group of very motivated students from all over the world. The students often already have working experience in the field of refugee and migration law, which they share in class. The students and teachers of the master track form a close community. The teachers give interactive lectures and working groups in which they encourage students to critically reflect on the law and voice their opinion. They are accessible to students and eager to assist them in their learning process. Courses are taught by Hemme Battjes, Betty de Hart, Marcelle Reneman, Lieneke Slingenberg, Thomas Spijkerboer and Martijn Stronks.

Examples of the issues the Master’s programme deals with are

  • When are migrants entitled to asylum?
  • Under which circumstances do families have the right to reside in a country of their preference?
  • What is the role of the European Union in managing migration within the EU as well as towards Europe?
  • Can undocumented migrants claim social rights?Atlas - VU 6

Study Programme

The Master’s programme Law, specialisation International Migration and Refugee Law has a study load of 60 credits, 1 academic year.

International Migration and Refugee Law is one of the full time, one year specialisations within the VU Master of Law Master’s programme, consisting of 60 EC in total. You will follow:

  • an in-depth course on refugee and family migration law, as well as a course on legal remedies for migrants.
  • a range of elective courses, covering topics as diverse as irregular migration, philosophy of international and migration law, Transnational Human Rights and Globalization, EU internal market law and Dutch Migration Law (Migratierecht) so that you can tailor your Master’s programme to your particular interests
  • master students of the specialisation International Migration and Refugee Law will have preference over other students in the selection for the Migration law Clinic
  • you will write a graduation thesis on a topic related to Migration and Refugee Law

Whatever your fields of particular interest, our aim is to stimulate depth of knowledge, breadth of vision, and intellectual curiosity.

More information

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