The Migration Law Section

The Migration Law Section has one of the largest research groups in the field of migration law Europe wide.

Rechtsgeleerdheid Groepen

The Migration Law Section teaches the minor Human Rights and Migration. This minor investigates the relationship between migration and human rights. The first course focuses on borders: border control, detention, asylum seekers, and different types of border. The second course concerns citizenship. It covers European citizenship, family reunification, and the way societies define themselves and exclude others, using matters like religion and clothing. Both courses involve legal and social science perspectives, and are complemented by field research and excursions to, for example, courts, refugee organisations, asylum centres and migrant communities. There will also be a 3-point course where students focus in small groups on topics of current interest, such as ‘allochtone’ politicians, film and migration, double nationality and border deaths.

Besides this minor the migration law section also provides a master course called ‘Migration Law’ (Migratierecht) which is taught in the Dutch language and in which Dutch migration law is being studied. This course focuses on the relation between Dutch migration law and international and European law and also the social context in which this law has developed. Topics such as asylum law and family reunification are among the topics that are being studied in this course.

Members of the Migration Law Section conduct research on a broad range of topics. They follow closely complex developments in the international, European and national migration law. Research focuses on topics such as:

The approach in the research varies in character; it addresses fundamental questions as well as doctrinal, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented topics. For this purpose the Migration Law Section has worked with several national and international organisations. Furthermore the researchers of the migration law section participate on a regular basis in activities that are organised by the Migration and Diversity Centre.

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The Migration Law Section consists of:

Bahija Aarrass, Hemme Battjes, Pieter Boeles, Evelien Brouwer, Paolo Cuttitta, Rébecca FrancoBetty de Hart, Nadia Ismaïli, Guno JonesTamara Last, Nawal MustafaVeeni Naganathar, Marcelle Reneman, Lieneke Slingenberg, Thomas Spijkerboer, Martijn Stronks, Andrea TarchiOrçun Ulusoy, Elena Zambelli.