Current and past projects

The Migration Law Clinic will accept new cases in September 2023. The students are currently working on cases from February 2023 until June 2023. 

If you have suggestions for cases or topics for the Migration Law Clinic, you can contact the Clinic coordinator ( See also under ‘For Clients’.

This is an overview of the cases supported by the Migration Law Clinic in the period 2013-2023:



Type case






Year expert opinion




Court of Justice EU (CJEU)13C-153/14 (K and A)2014Integration abroad
C-133/15 (Chavez Vilchez)2015The right to stay of third-country national parents of Dutch children
C-550/16 (A. and S.)2017The right to family reunification of unaccompanied minors
C-557/17 (Y. and Z.)2017Withdrawal of the residence permit of third-country national family members of a person who committed fraud in order to get a residence permit
C-680/17 (Vethanayagam)2018The right to an effective remedy in visa representation cases
C‐586/17 (withdrawn)2018Ex nunc judicial review of new asylum motives in asylum cases
C-226/19 and C-225/19 (R.N.N.S. and K.A.)2019Refusal of a visa application on the basis of an objection of another EU Member State
C‐673/19 (M and A.)2019The legality of the detention of third-country nationals in order to ensure the passing back to the Member State where they enjoy international protection
C‑719/19 (F.S.)2020The right to free movement of an EU citizen, who has committed petty crimes in the Netherlands
Cases C-368/20 and C-369/20 (Landespolizeidirektion Steiermark)2020Legality of Reintroduction of Internal Border Controls: Necessity and Proportionality under the Schengen Border Code and the Right to Free Movement of EU Citizens
Case C-624/20 (E.K.)2021Temporariness (or not) of the Chavez-Vilchez Right of Residence
Joined Cases C-704/20 and


C-39/21 PPU ((C. and B.)

2021National limitations to judicial review in migration detention cases: Prohibition, competence or requirement of ex officio review?
Joined cases C-556/21 and C-338/21 (E.N., S.S., J.Y)2021Suspensive effect of higher appeals of the State in Dublin cases.
Cases referred to the CJEU after the expert opinion of the Migration Law Clinic3C‑331/16 and C‑366/16 (K. and H.F.)2016Right to stay of the family member of an EU citizen, who is suspected of having committed serious human rights violations
C‑635/17 (E.)



2017Evidence in Eritrean family reunification cases
C-19/212020An Individual Legal Remedy against the Refusal of a Take Charge Request under the Dublin III Regulation
Complaints before the European Commission2 2015The requirement of a valid passport for the right to stay of the family member of an EU citizen
 2016Failure of the highest court to state reasons for the refusal to refer a preliminary question to the CJEU
Cases European Court of Human Rights: Third Party Intervention3Appl no 43654/18 (S.S. v Sweden)2019Return of a westernized and apostate Afghan woman
Appl no  22105/18 (M.T. v Sweden)2019Right to family reunification for persons with subsidiary protection
Appl. no 26049/18 (H.T. v Italy)2020De facto detention of asylum seekers in Italy (together with Refugee Law Clinic Turin)
Other cases ECtHR 4  2014Risk assessment in Somalian asylum cases
 2015Expulsion  to Somalia of a criminal refugee, who had been expelled by Canada

The right to stay of Chinese cooks

2022Regularisation of Ex Dutch Surinamese
Individuals Living Undocumented in the Netherlands
Cases pending on the national level7 2014Starting date legal stay of the family member of an EU citizen
 2015Medical evidence in subsequent asylum procedure under EU law


Medical evidence in subsequent asylum procedures under international law

 2016Legal position of stateless Palestinians
 2018Withdrawal Dutch nationality of (suspected) jihadis
 2019Family life between unmarried fathers and their biological children
 2020Application of Chavez-Vilchez in the Netherlands
 Currently being writtenRight to emergency shelter for a mother with a Chavez Vilchez right to residence with her minor child

The Migration Law expert opinions can be found here.

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