Clinic 13/14

During the academic year 2013-2014 four students participated in the Migration Law Clinic:

  • Daan Bes (master student VU University)
  • Janneke de Lange (master student VU University)
  • Lisanne Stegeman (master student VU University)
  • Zaneta Sedilekova (exchange student VU University, University of Glasgow)

They wrote the following expert opinions:

  • Assessment of the risk of refoulement under Article 3 ECHR in cases of persons returning to Somalia (Daan, Janneke, Lisanne and Zaneta)
  • De Wet Inburgering in het Buitenland in EU-rechtelijk Perspectief (Daan and Lisanne)
  • Assessment and evidence of the starting date of lawful residence of unmarried partners of Union citizens(Janneke and Zaneta)
Law Clinic - serie 1 2

Daan Bes

Law Clinic - serie 1 1

Janneke de Lange











Law Clinic - serie 1 3

Lisanne Stegeman

Law Clinic - serie 1 4

Zaneta Sedilekova