Student experiences


Ralph Groeneveld (student 2017-2018)

For me, the Migration Law Clinic has been very useful. Working together in a group is not something that happens often during a study in law. The Clinic offers that possibility, and learns you to cooperate, to appreciate the input of your team members, to see the deficiencies and downsides of your own work, and to work towards a consistent piece of team writing. It also brought me a lot of fun and a strong bond with my fellow students.”

Karin Åberg  (student 2016-2017)

“When I came to Amsterdam for a year during my master in Lund, I saw the Migration Law Clinic as a very special opportunity. Where do you get the chance to work on real cases as a student? It is very motivating and it makes your study truely relevant.”

Kate Connelly (student 2016-2017)

“Participating in the Clinic meant that I was able to gain invaluable experience legal research with the support of my fellow students and respected academics.  Working on real cases brought the academic content of the IMRL programme into focus, and encouraged me to stay motivated throughout the Masters.”

Anouk Biersteker (student 2014-2015)

“The migration law clinic is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of migration law and to advance your academic skills by conducting legal research in close collaboration with fellow students from all over the world and with help of experts in the field of migration law. It is very motivating to know the results of your work will be of direct use to legal practitioners and the intensive guidance has helped me a lot to become a better researcher.”

Ivana Dahl (student 2014-2015)

“The Migration Law Clinic gave me the invaluable experience to learn about the theory from leading professionals, and then see how the theory translated into practice by assisting a lawyer with his case. The high responsibility alongside a great support network became the perfect formulae for academic and personal growth.”


Lukasz Dziedzic (student 2014-2015)

“Participating in the Migration Law Clinic was definitely one of the best experiences during my time as a student. It allowed me to broaden my knowledge and gather some practical experience in the field of Asylum and Migration Law. I had the possibility to improve my legal drafting skills under the supervision of leading academics in the field and the complementary guest lectures were a great chance to meet additional experts and practitioners. The Migration Law Clinic opened up new perspectives that I could not have possibly grasped from solely participating in regular courses at the university.“

Viktoria Skrivankova (student 2014-2015)

“Participation in the Migration Law Clinic is an excellent way to improve research skills, but it is far more than just that. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people, who are passionate about migration and asylum, and an eye-opening experience for those who are considering to pursue a career in this field, regardless of whether this might be in academia, international institutions, government or a private practice.  I would certainly strongly recommend it!”

Emily Wu  (student 2014-2015)

“I could not have imagined a more perfect way to transition from lecture theatres to ‘real life’. The Migration Law Clinic provides a unique and challenging opportunity to truly engage with the law and through collaboration with peers, to produce a meaningful piece of academic work—thank you so much to everyone at the Clinic for such a rewarding experience.”

Zaneta Sedilekova (student 2013-2014)

“As a researcher for the Migration Law Clinic, I have been able to experience the reality of working on pending problems that lawyers and courts face in practice. Guidance given by the University academics and practising lawyers has enabled me to broaden my horizons in Migration Law as well as critically reflect on current issues. Meetings with guest speakers (practising lawyers, UNHCR and government representatives) have given me insights into the practical areas of Migration Law. I have found myself working in a friendly and supportive environment created by my supervisors and colleagues which has enabled me to tackle even the most difficult tasks and responsibilities.

Janneke de Lange (student 2013-2014 and senior research associate 2014-2015)

“The Migration Law Clinic is the only course where you get to meet and are supervised closely by the absolute experts in the field of migration law.”

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