Clinic 14/15

In the academic year 2014/2015 the following students participated in the Clinic:

Law Clinic studenten 2

From left to right: Janneke, Lukasz, Stefani, Emily, Ivana, Anouk, Julia, Margarita, Stephanie

  • Faisa Awad (VU University)
  • Elles Besselsen (University of Amsterdam)
  • Anouk Biersteker (VU University)
  • Ivana Dahl (Leiden University)
  • Lukasz Dziedzic (Tilburg University)
  • Margarita Fourer (Groningen University)
  • Effrosyni Kotsovolou (Erasmus University)
  • Lorena Navia-Rodriguez
  • Stefani Silva (Erasmus University)
  • Viktoria Skrivankova (Leiden University)
  • Julia Smeekes (Amsterdam University College)
  • Emily Wu (Amsterdam University College)

The senior research associates were:

  • Daan Bes (VU University)
  • Janneke de Lange (VU University)

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