The Migration Law Clinic is coordinated by Marcelle Reneman.

The coordinator is responsible for:

  • the daily affairs;
  • selection of cases;
  • contacts with external customers.


The students of the Migration Law Clinic write the legal advice. In the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 the following students participate in the Clinic:

  • Lily Doolan Burke
  • Charlotte Carella
  • Fadi Fahad
  • Federica Fullone
  • Roos IJkema
  • Léa Lantelme
  • Agata Marchwicka
  • Flora Platteuw
  • Juan Tuneu
  • Eva Vandenhove
  • Eva van de Wal


The researchers of the migration law section supervise the work of the students.

In the first semester of the academic year the following supervisors were involved in the projects:

Project ‘The right to shelter of parents with a Chavez-Vilchez right of residence’: Dion Kramer and Isabella Leroy

Project ‘Suspensive effect of the higher appeal of the State in Dublin cases’: Janna Wessels and Marcelle Reneman